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Bastards of Melody

Bastards of Melody have been proudly carrying the power pop torch since forming in 1998. The New York City band has adhered to a simple formula: impossibly catchy songs with great melodies and interesting arrangements. Comparisons to classic power pop bands such as Big Star, Cheap Trick or the Raspberries seem apt. Add to that the modern punch of bands such as Superdrag, The Figgs, and Sloan.

Bastards of Melody have returned in 2021 with the Dover EP, their first new music since 2010's Hurry Up & Wait. The four song release includes tracks inspired by winsome bartenders ("Hey Charlene"), lost loves ("Faded") and conversations to have after you've had that first -- or maybe second -- cup of coffee (When You Wake Up").

The Bastards have released four previous albums: Keep It Down in 1999, Fun Machine in 2001, Break Up in 2003 and Hurry Up and Wait in 2010T. he band has toured across the US and Canada and has also contributed songs to several compilation albums.