Bastards Pledge

Paul's Pledge
Welcome to the Bastards of Melody. We use only the finest musical ingredients, and all of our songs are guaranteed to be absolutely fresh. As for our service, we think it's as important as our music. That's why we promise to serve you in the fastest and friendliest way possible. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is the basis of our music.You can rely on Bastards of Melody to satisfy all of your musical needs. We deliver quality music, on time, with the highest standards in all of Rock/Roll. We worry about every detail because we're committed to making you happy. So if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We really do care.

Jeff's Pledge
I so solemnly swear to be committed(!)to making nothing but the finest rock-n-roll.
I pledge not to forget my sticks on gig nights.
I pledge to wear nothing but the finest rock-n-roll clothes imaginable.
I pledge to use the bathroom before we take the stage.
I pledge the top of my tchotchke cabinet often.
Oh, yea we the bastards of melody forthwith and pledge the musical content known as rock-n-roll. So sayeth the flock.

Bill's Pledge
I pledge to always show up
I pledge to play only the most tastefull guitar
I pledge to play really fast if and when appropriate
I pledge to have my guitar in tune (a 440) at all times
I pledge to use effects minimally and only when appropriate
I pledge to bring only the most beautiful women to the gigs
I pledge to bring moderately hot chicks to the gigs when the most beautiful women are not available
I pledge to look cool on stage, even when I don't feel cool
I pledge to accept Paul for what he is, and not judge him for what he might have been

Scott's Pledge
I pledge to jump around like a jack ass most of the time.

Pat's Pledge
Pledge yea, yea Pledge, Pledge, yea, Long live the Bastards!

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